Terms and conditions

General terms

  • Transfer price includes only direct transport between pick-up address and destination*
  • Transfers can only consist of one pick up address and one drop-of address.
  • By change of route or extra waiting, additional hours will be charged per started half hour.
  • For Airport pick up: The driver will meet you right after baggageclaim / Custom Area with a sign of your request 
  • Pick-up at the airport will be considered a No Show, if there is no contact with the driver within 45 minutes after flight arrival.
  • Pick-up at the hotel The driver will meet you in the hotel lobby with af sign of your request.
  • Pick-up at the hotel will be considered No Show, if there is no contact with the driver within 15 minutes after pick up time
  • For pier pick up: Chauffeur meets you at the dock side.
  • Pick-up at the pier will be considered No Show, if there is no contact with the driver within 15 minutes after docking
  • No cash refunds or payment to third party will be made.
  • If not stated in the offer Bridge/Road Toll or ferry are not included.


  • Cancellations between 36 to 24 hours before commencement of the transfer, 50% of the amount of the transfer or tour must be paid.
  • Cancellations later than 24 hours before commencement of the transfer or in case of “no show” the full amount of the transfer or tour must be paid.

Fee and Tax

  • There are no fees on our services
  • In Denmark all Transport by Limousine are free of Tax and VAT.
  • By payment with Credit Card a fee will be added. Exact fees are shown at the bottom of this page.
  • We reserve the right to obtain verification that your credit/debit card is valid, and that you have funds available to cover the entire cost of the Transfer.
  • Credit Card payment link will be sent together with Invoice.
  • All prices are in Danish Kroner (DKK) exept when otherwise is written

You have the following options to pay your booking:

  • Credit Card – online (You will receive a link for payment together with your Invoice)
  • On request we can send you a link for payment through paypal_logo
  • Bank Transfer (Key accounts only – ask for an account)

american-express jcb-cards maestro-kreditkort mastercard-betalingskort visa-betalingskortBetal med PayPal


jcb-cardsmaestro-kreditkort mastercard-betalingskort visa-betalingskort american-express
 Credit Card Fee: 4,75%
(min. DKK. 1,95 per transaction)
(min. DKK. 1,95 per transaction)
1,50% Dansih Cards 1,25% Danish Cards
(min. DKK. 1,95 per transaction)


*All hourly services are always calculated from base and back. We have cars based in all Danish Airports Extra time is calculated per started half hour

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